Fees & Deadlines

Fees & Deadlines

The following table shows the timetable of actions required from Team Managers and also the TOC between now and the event.

Nb: Some of the details are not yet finalised (marked TBA). These will be updated once finalised.
Nb: The Player and Guest Fees shown at this point are estimates only and will be set once the final number of participating teams and players is known – we anticipate this to be in mid-December, 2019.

Participants at WMUC 2020 are defined as:


Competing in the event.  

  • Are registered on the WFDF player registration system.
  • Will receive Player lanyard and accreditation.

AUD$675 (max.)
TBA – Dec 2019


Includes all team staff (eg: Coaches, Team Managers, Trainers/Physiotherapists etc) as well as any supporters who are accredited with the team.

  • Are registered on the WFDF Guest registration system
  • Will receive Guest lanyard and accreditation.
  • Will attend any and all aspects of the event including social functions.
  • This can also include juniors (under 18 years old)
  • Children under 8 years old are FREE

AUD$220 (max.)
TBA – Dec 2019


Are daily spectators who are welcome to attend some limited aspects of the event for a limited time.

  • Are not registered on any registration system
  • Will be charged a daily ticket entry fee to enter the event venue and will receive a daily access ticket & wristband
  • Are unable to attend any of the social functions or post game activities.
  • Unable to access or use some of the event services eg: accommodation or shuttle services

Daily ticket entrance fee
TBA – Aug 2020.

WMUC 2020 Schedule and Deadlines

EOI submissions for all teams interested in the Grand Masters Mixed Division.Any nations wishing to enter teams into the Grand Masters Mixed Division are invited to send Expressions of Interest to WFDF Event Manager: Karina Woldt (karina.woldt@wfdf.org)30th October, 2019
All Team Fees due$1700 (AUD) – National Federations to arrange payment and email TOC with confirmation of payment (non-refundable - except in the event of whole event cancellation or other extreme circumstances).30th November, 2019
Estimate of Player numbersEach Team Manager is to email the TOC (and karina.woldt@wfdf.org) with an estimate of the number of players on the team PLUS the numbers of guests*.
The TOC will send an invoice to the Team Manager (or National Federation).
28th January, 2019
Player fees due*Estimated Players fee AUD$675 (max.) *Estimated Guest fee AUD$220 (max.)
(Player & Guest Fees will be confirmed in late January 2020).

National Federation to pay the invoice for Player Fees. National Federation to email copy of the payment receipt to TOC to confirm payment has been made. NOTE: Late additions (Players or Guests) will be allowed - please contact the TOC to discuss. Withdrawals or cancellations are fully refundable up until April 18th. TOC MAY provide partial refund for late cancellations after April 18th. Refund amount TBA.
5th February, 2020
Accommodation/shuttle and catering forms submittedTeam Managers to complete online accommodation and catering booking forms (www.wmuc2020.com)
*Forms will be available online in new event website which will be published in late Oct. 2019.
TOC will send an invoice to the Team Manager/NF for accommodation/shuttle deposit ($100AUD per person).
18th February, 2020
Payment of Accommodation, catering and shuttle depositsTeam Manager/National Federation to pay Accommodation/shuttle deposit ($100AUD per person)
(Team Manager to email confirmation of payment to TOC.
25th February, 2020
Team to confirm final numbers of players and GuestsFinal confirmation of Player and Guest numbers to be submitted by Team Managers to TOC.18th April, 2020
All final payments for accommodation and catering due.Team Managers to pay any final player & guest fees as well as all accommodation and catering fees for ALL participants (players and guests). Additions to player and guest registrations will be accepted after this date. Cancellations after this date may be eligible for a partial refund (TBA)24th April, 2020
Player briefing book releasedThis will outline all team and player registration requirements & event eligibility mandates.June, 2020 (Date TBA)
WFDF player registration to be completeTeam Managers to complete the WFDF player registration process(Date TBA)
Event5th-12th Sept, 2020

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