Spectators & Tickets

Spectators & Tickets

All participants who have paid the appropriate fees will be given full access to all areas of the event, including competition venues, grandstand seating areas and social functions.

Participant categories include:
1. Players – Players must be registered and accredited correctly and have Player Fees paid in full.

2. Guests – Includes all team staff ie: Coaches, Managers, Trainers and all supporters who are accredited with the team.  Guests will be registered at the same time and using the same registration process as players.  Guests will have unrestricted access to all parts of the venue for the full duration of the event, including Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Finals and Presentations and all social functions.

3. Spectators – will have limited access to the venue for a limited time.

Access to the upper (Western) fields is unrestricted and free for all participants and spectators.    

Spectators will be required to purchase tickets to gain access to the Tournament Village area including the showcase fields for Opening and Closing ceremonies and Finals (Ticket price TBA). Spectators will not be able to access any parties or social functions. The number of spectator tickets available for showcase games and the Finals will depend on the number of participants and available seating capacity.


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