Medical & Therapy Services

Medical & Therapy Services

Travel & Medical Insurance

It is STRONGLY advised that ALL players and guests attending the tournament take out travel insurance which includes comprehensive medical coverage.  Please consult your travel agent if you have any questions regarding the details of your travel insurance.

Medical, First Aid and serious (acute) injury management:

The tournament will provide serious injury and first aid management via permanent, onsite medical staff, and will include ambulance transportation to the local hospital for emergency treatment if required.  Any serious injuries or medical conditions will be priority treated by the tournament medical staff.

Strapping and ongoing (chronic) injury management:

Masters players tend to carry long established physical issues with them, and it is likely that most members of each team will require some medical or therapeutic attention during the tournament.   

To guarantee the best service all Masters teams are strongly encouraged to bring their own dedicated medical/massage/trainer staff with them.  These staff should be suitably qualified and experienced to deliver the appropriate minor injury treatment, ongoing injury management and strapping/training services needed to keep a Masters team running. For teams that are unable to bring dedicated training staff from their home nation, the TOC can assist to connect you with local training or physio staff and those teams can make their own arrangements to engage them.

The tournament WILL provide some massage and sports-trainer services which will be available for players to use on a first-come-first-served and user-pays basis.  More details (including rates) for these services will be published as the supply and service model is finalised.

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