WMUC 2020 will contain a number of food options and teams will have the choice of which of these options they want to choose.  The information below is a guide for how food will be provided at the event.


Teams are required to source their own breakfast.

In some cases, breakfast is included within the accommodation (please check to see if your accommodation includes breakfast).

In some other cases, the arranged accommodation may NOT include breakfast, but may allow self-service options (ie: has kitchen facilities allowing you to purchase, store and prepare your own meals).

It is the responsibility of the team Managers to ensure that breakfast is considered and planned for.

There may be some concession stands (food trucks) operating at the event site which will provide a breakfast option.  These will be confirmed closer to the date.


Lunch will be available via concession stands (food trucks) located within the Tournament Village onsite each day.  These concession stands will operate from 11.00am to 8.00pm each day.  Individuals can purchase lunch from these concession stands using cash or eftpos (card).  A list of food trucks and their menus will be published early in 2020 when they are arranged.

Snacks & Fruit

Snacks (eg: nut & cereal bars) and fruit will be available (free of charge!!) to any players during the day.  These will be located at a number of central locations on the upper and lower field complexes.


Players have 3 choices during the event:

1. Self-sourced offsite (ie: restaurant or self-catered).

Teams and players can visit any offsite local restaurant. An average price for a restaurant main meal on the Gold Coast is around AUD$25.00

Alternatively, players prepare their own meals at their accommodation (where self catering is allowed and facilities are available).

2. Concession Stands (food trucks)

Individual players can purchase dinner from one of the concession stands available in the Tournament Village area.  There will be approximately 10 different concession stands present on the site and their various menu options will be listed once they are confirmed.  A range of different meal options will be offered catering for gluten, lactose & nut free as well as vegan and vegetarian options.

These stands will operate from 11.00am – 8.00pm each day.  Players will be able to purchase meals from these stands using cash or eftpos (card).  A typical food truck meal is around AUD$17.00 for a single plate or serving.

3. WMUC2020 Catering Package (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)

The hosts have arranged a catering package for the duration of the event.  

This catering package will provide the easiest, quickest, highest quality and lowest fuss option for players and guests to be fed dinners during the event.  It will provide a generously portioned, diverse and healthy meal which caters for all dietary conditions.  The catered meals will be served on ceramic crockery with restaurant quality cutlery to eliminate waste.

Event catering will be provided by a local professional event catering service: “Catering By Clancy”.

The catering package will cost $25 per meal.

The proposed menu for the event is provided (see downloadable menus below).

To purchase a catering package for the event, the Team Managers must do the following:

1.  Contact TOC with an estimate of number of people included in the package and the number of nights required.  (Estimate to be provided to TOC by Feb.18th, 2020.  Contact:

2.  Complete and submit the catering package booking form by April 18th.  It is expected that Team Managers will know the final numbers and nights required by this date.  Please complete this form digitally (ie: not hand-written) and return via email to the TDs.  Once the booking form has been received the TOC will send you an invoice which is to be paid by 24th April, 2020.

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