Accommodation & Transport

Accommodation & Transport

WMUC 2020 is partnering with STA Travel to arrange accommodation and shuttle transport services. 

STA will source bulk accommodation at suitable locations and arrange shuttle transportation between those accommodations and the field complex each day. 

<A Map showing the location of all the accommodation options and their proximity to the Tournament venue will be shown once the hotels are finalised>

The hosts are aware that teams’ requirements will range between budget, dormitory style and fully serviced hotel style accommodations, and everything in between.  The hosts, working with STA are sourcing a full range of accommodations to suit all budgets. 

The hosts STRONGLY advise and recommend that teams take advantage of the arranged accommodation and shuttle services in preference to arranging their own.  By partnering with STA we have ensured that we can provide accommodation of the best value, quality and location and that we can integrate this with an easy and effective shuttle transportation service.

STA will provide a booking portal system which teams will be able to access through this website.  This portal will be made available for use in early 2020 once all the team payments have been received and team nominations have closed.

Accommodation bookings will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, so teams are encouraged to get themselves organised to review the offerings and place bookings as soon as possible.

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