2020 World Masters
Ultimate Championships

Gold Coast, Australia

The Tournament Organisers for WMUC 2020 regretfully announce that the event has been cancelled (or postponed) until further notice, due to outbreak of COVID-19.

We are working with WFDF to investigate rescheduling the event to later in 2021 and will keep the global Ultimate community informed as to how these plans progress.

We wish everyone the best and hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy through these difficult times.

About WMUC

The inaugural WFDF 2020 World Masters Ultimate Championships (WMUC 2020) will be hosted in the City of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

About Ultimate

Ultimate is a non-contact team sport played with a flying disc (frisbee). It is simple to learn and fun to play.  In it’s simplest form all you need is a disc, a field, some marker cones, and 2 teams of mates.


This event would not be possible without the WFDF, AFDA and our Strategic and Event partners.

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